Certificate of Good Standing Texas

What is a Texas certificate of good standing?

A good standing is a certificate issued by a the Texas secretary of state authenticating that all franchise taxes have been paid up to date and all required annual reports have been filed. In Texas, this document is now known as a "certificate of fact or status". For the sake of simplicity, we'll refer to the certificate of fact as a certificate of good standing. The good standing provides a statement of a Texas entity's status, as well as the entity's current legal name and date of formation or registration.

How do I get a Texas certificate of status?

You can order a Texas certificate of fact/status on this page. Upon receipt of your order, we'll request the good standing document. If the company is NOT in good standing and you are the owner, we'll notify you and let you know what is required to bring the company into good standing with the state of Texas.

Do I need a Texas certificate of good standing?

A good standing is requested for several reasons:

  • opening a bank account
  • getting a bank loan
  • foreign qualification with another state
  • bringing on an investor or partner

How long does it take to get a certificate of good standing?

It normally takes 4-7 business days to obtain the certificate from the State of Texas. However, if you use our service, we can acquire the certificate within 1-3 business days. Be sure to select expedited service at checkout.

How much does a certificate of good standing cost?

We charge a processing fee plus the Texas document fee of $15. An expedited service is available for an additional $65.

Is a certificate of good standing the same as a certificate of existence?

Yes. The most popular term is "good standing". However, in Texas, a certificate of good standing is different that a certificate of status. In Texas, a certificate of good standing refers to the entity's tax status. If you want to qualify your company to do business in Texas, you'll want to order a "certificate of status".

How do I keep a Texas company in good standing?

Pay any annual franchise taxes that are due before the due date and file any annual reports with the State of Texas.

What does DBI Global Filings do? How much do you charge for document retrieval services?

Your time is valuable. Use our document retrieval service to increase your productivity. Our trained Document Retrieval Specialists are experienced in navigating Texas's Secretary of State website regarding document retrieval.

  • Receive and review your order
  • Verify your request
  • Place the order with the appropriate state agency
  • Pay government filing fees on your behalf
  • Follow-up with the state agency on your request
  • Forward your documents via email or express shipping

We charge a one-time processing fee plus state document retrieval fees. Each state has different fees. See our comprehensive order form for exact fees.

Thank you for your interest in a Texas certificate of status document.

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